Digimax Master - the fastest, and easiest-to-use application that conveniently combines the functions of a multimedia browser, viewer, image and video editor!
The interface of the program allows you to switch easily between the main operation modes of the program:
The Browser is the primary operation mode of the program. In the Browser you can browse folders on your computer using the folder tree, organize your media files, and view images and other media files in the File list pane and in the Preview window. The Browser also provides quick access to frequently used functions such as Rotate, Resize, Print, Slideshow, and others. You can double-click any image to show it in Image Viewer, or select one or multiple media files and open them for editing in the Image Editor or Video Editor.
The Image Viewer allows you to quickly view your photos at different zoom levels, and perform basic operations on images.
The Image Editor provides all the functions you need to edit, enhance, and retouch your images.
The Video Editor allows you to compose a movie from your video clips, photos, and audio or music files using a Storyboard, editing tools, effects and transitions. You can produce your final movie in a number of different formats.